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It's as easy as saying *heck yeah* to brunch with your besties.

And now we present to you a short story based on actual events...


The year is 2005. You're at the mall, on your way to the food court after scoring those new, low-rise skinny jeans from Abercrombie & Fitch when you pass… a photo booth. You snap some pics with your besties before popping into Hot Topic to get that new band tee to impress your crush at the concert next weekend.



You find a box of memories shoved in the corner of you closet. What's in the box you ask? Along with every note anyone ever passed you, every concert and movie ticket you ever went to, is that old photo booth photo. You're immediately taken back to that day in the mall with your besties. Who knew that one simple photo could hold so many cherished memories?

Oh that's right we did.


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